Stairway to heaven

25 05 2009

Late Saturday afternoon Michael and I drove down to join Karen and Joe at their lake house in Lake Land ‘Or. Just before sunset, Joe took me out in their canoe across the entire lake and pointed out these unusual stair-stepped clouds on our return trip. I finally learned how to paddle a canoe (thanks to Joe’s excellent mentoring) without going around in circles. Yay to me!

Thanks to The Cloud Appreciation Society, I think this cloud formation is an “altocumulus undulatus.”

I’m also experimenting with my new software program, Noise Ninja (doncha love that name?). Noise Ninja, available for both PCs and Macs, removes noise and grain, and is particularly effective with low-light situations (such as this one). Take a look at their before-and-after samples here. Pretty impressive. You can get the program e-mailed to you for as low as $44.95 (this home bundle license includes the Photoshop/Photo Elements plug-ins as well as the stand-alone program) here. I’ll play with some of my own low-light, high-noise examples and report my findings.

More weekend adventures to come…

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2 responses

26 05 2009

I love the photo and I love the title—I wish I had thought of it.

After analyzing and absorbing the photo’s composition, lighting, color and the stairways juxtaposition with the trees in silhouette, another thought came to mind—this photo highlights the difficulty of a heavenly ascension, and anyone who aspires to make the climb should be aware of its difficulty.

My final and most thoughtful thought is shown below—it’s included in this comment for the benefit of those who may be contemplating the possibility of making that heavenly ascension.

Are y’all ready for this?

Here it comes . . .

Watch that first step—it’s a doozy!

26 05 2009

That really looks like a stairway to heaven…

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