The Vendor Client Relationship

28 05 2009

This youtube video was posted in the Graphic Designers Professional Group on LinkedIn. It could easily apply to any business situation. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Funny how some professions allow this type of behavior and others don’t. When I get my car repaired, I can’t haggle with them on the price. Why is that? Because my car is held hostage otherwise? Yup.

I would be out of business if I were not a little flexible. And it has nothing to do with the present economy—it has always been that way (from my perspective). Fortunately, I haven’t run into too many clients like this (I’m very lucky in that regard), but the ones who have behaved that way…well, shame on them (and me for putting up with it)!

Brilliant—but sadly real—video. There, I’m off my soapbox. How ’bout some more flower photos?



2 responses

28 05 2009

I agree—the video is brilliant. And I am wholeheartedly in agreement with how you feel when a client (or potential client) uses the arguments voiced in the video, and I respect the fact that you share the blame when you say, “. . . shame on them (and me for putting up with it!)”

30 05 2009
Sue Cummings

Oh my gosh. Yes, there are selfish, self-centered, ego-maniac people who really do think and act like this. They have no appreciation for the meaning of WORK! They are simply cheap and lazy and want want something for nothing. We all know people in the world like this.

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