Cloudspotting: spinal column

5 06 2009

Key West sky photographed Tuesday, June 2, during a dolphin-watching tour

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.




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5 06 2009


5 06 2009
TKOT (thekingoftexas)

Beautiful, simply beautiful—this image rivals your “Stairway to Heaven” photo, and could have the same, or similar, title.

May I suggest a contest?

You could call it, “Name This Image—Win a Cloud” (similar to one having a namesake star, differing only in the namesake’s permanence). But that’s not a problem—the winner can always use the photo as proof of the win.

Oops, never mind—I’m the winner with one of these suggestions:

Celestial Spinal Column—I briefly considered “Celestial Backbone,” but somehow it doesn’t have the same impact.

White Doves Ascending—or “Ascension of Doves” (sounds more biblical).

6 06 2009

This is beautiful.

8 06 2009
Sue Cummings


31 08 2010

HAARP technology

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