What 20 bucks will get ya in Key West

5 06 2009

(Delicious bruschetta not included) While eating dinner Saturday night at Caroline’s on Duval Street, we watched a cockatoo dancing in time to reggae music on a nearby bench. The bird is on exhibit at Jungle Greg’s Rescued Animals booth in downtown Key West. A sign lists prices at $10 for each animal for photographs. He also had various birds and two large snakes on display. So Jungle Greg must have been feeling pretty good that night because he attached four birds to Michael for just $20 so I could get this shot. Whatta deal! The money goes to his rescue projects (at least that’s what the sign purports; the  animals on display aren’t rescues). I did observe that the animals were far more lively and conversational than the proprietors. But $20 isn’t too bad considering he usually charges $30 (plus tax) to shoot a photo for you and that gets you one 4×6. As we were leaving, two twenty-somethings came up and said, “we’re scared to death of birds, but can we get a photo of the python wrapped around our necks?”

Coming soon: See how fast you can part with $35 in 15 minutes in the tropics!

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.

Bruschetta & Birds



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6 06 2009


6 06 2009
TKOT (thekingoftexas)

A superb photograph, one to print out and carefully preserve for posterity (would also make a great note-card or poster). The birds appear relaxed, but Michael seems a bit apprehensive. If I had to guess, I would say that the parrot sitting on his head is contributing to that feeling—of course, the cockatoo sitting heine-up in his hands may also be contributing to Michael’s uneasiness. All four birds will probably contribute (so to speak) if they hold their positions long enough.

All seriousness aside, that’s a nice shot and worth every penny of its cost.

8 06 2009
Sue Cummings

I’m thinking, this year’s Christmas Card or better yet, Michael’s new business card — “I can handle any problem you have!”

20 09 2009

Beautiful Creatures!!!

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