Shelley’s stunning cloudscapes and Texas skies

16 06 2009

With her express permission, I’m taking this opportunity to brag on my blog-buddy Shelley’s stunning storm and sky photos. I’m always amazed at how huge the sky is in my home state! 

I stumbled onto Shelley’s pbase gallery in December while I was in Texas visiting my family. Shelley is a certified storm spotter and is fortunate to witness the most beautiful, turbulent, storm-filled skies of the Panhandle (and lives to tell the tale and share these stunning photos, too).

Click on the link below and be sure to double click on each photo to enlarge.

My friend Jeff is headed west to join a storm spotting expedition and I wanted to give him some inspiration for this upcoming photography jaunt. Bring ’em back (alive), Jeff!

Photos below © Shelley D. Sparks

Shelley's Photos



10 responses

16 06 2009

The last image is my fave. Very nice!

16 06 2009

Hi Mistyexpressions!

I’ll be sure to pass your compliment on to Shelley.

16 06 2009

Swirling raging nature…so beautiful. Wow.

16 06 2009

I’ll be sure to pass on your compliment to Shelley, burstmode!

17 06 2009

I love these pictures!! They’re so striking. Makes me feel as if I could write poetry about them.

17 06 2009

wow you’re right the sky is huge there! i’m envious
these are awesome

18 06 2009

Wild weather makes for wild images. These are great. It looks like the clouds could just eat you up!

19 06 2009

I can’t wait until there are some storms here, I want to go stormchasing

These are amazing

25 06 2009

WOW – Amazing! Compliments to Shelley!

28 06 2009

Wow…thanks Cindy. I’m honored. Your photography is the most wonderful of all. Amazing macros!!! I’m in awe. Please note new email address.

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