Muchemore redux

25 06 2009

Here we go again! More photos finalized from Chantell and Austin’s June 1 wedding in Key West…even more to come (I’m editing and prepping photos in a folder that contains almost 1,000 images)! Special thanks to the groom’s parents, Kathy and Kevin, for their creative sand art creations for the photos.

You can view the previous Key West/wedding photos here and here.

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.

Wedding Collage 3



5 responses

26 06 2009

What a sweet group of photos. I wish we had done that sand thing at sister’s wedding in mexico.

26 06 2009

They are so cute. And they look so happy!

26 06 2009

Great photos — you can tell how they feel about each other.

Always Growing

26 06 2009

Geez, and I thought you were a flower specialist. These images are excellent.

27 06 2009

Thanks for the compliments, Catharus, Ed, Jan and Spamwarrior! I appreciate the visit and the feedback. Once upon a time I did a ton of weddings. This was in a land before digital, many moons ago. I could envision doing them again; digital is so less stressful on a photographer!

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