Lacecap Hydrangea

3 07 2009

Hydrangea macrophylla normalis — Lacecap Hydrangea photographed at Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria, Virginia

Click here for an excellent site on various hydrangea varieties and tips on planting, fertilizing, pruning, propagating and drying.

THIS JUST IN: I just checked out my blogging buddy Phillip’s blog, Dirt Therapy, and he has posted an amazing variety of hydrangeas growing in his garden in Florence, Alabama. Go check them out!

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Lacecap Hydrangea



6 responses

3 07 2009

I like how you did this.

4 07 2009

Very interesting.

7 07 2009

Cindy, your photography is just awesome and thanks for the link! Tell me again – what camera and lenses do you use?

7 07 2009

Hi Phillip,

I’m currently using a Nikon D300, but it’s really the lenses that are the star in most of these photos! I shoot all my macros with the Nikkor 105mm micro. If you can’t splurge on the D300, try the D40x or even the new 5000 model—but get the best lenses you can afford. I could have gotten this shot with a cheaper body and the same lens. Up until two years ago, before I got my D300, I was shooting with the Fuji S2 and S3 (which are Fuji chips in a Nikon body, actually). I moved up again to the D300 and haven’t looked back. I love, love, LOVE this camera!

7 07 2009

Thanks Cindy! I have a Nikon D50 which I don’t see very often anymore. I’m not sure why that is. I do like the camera for the most part. My main gripe is that I often have difficulty focusing. I still haven’t figured out what I’m doing wrong but often when I download the photos, they are fuzzier than I would like. Maybe it is my lenses because I have played with various controls (I usually use the aperture control) and I still get varying results. I get frustrated because I can’t seem to control depth of field and focus as easily as I could with my old 35mm. Do you find this to be true?

18 07 2009
M. D. Vaden of Oregon

Nice one.

It has me thinking about jumping on the Hydrangea bandwagon for the sides of our landscaping in the Portland / Beaverton area.

There is still space left. I’ll leave the flower photos for you to take though.


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