DIY overcast sky

10 07 2009

As promised, I have new photos for you!

Picture this: Today. Green Spring Gardens. High noon. Not the best time to photograph flowers, but ventured out anyway. And I brought my own overcast sky. I carried my trusty Interfit 5 in 1 collapsible reflector (translucent portion only) to block the mid-day sun and get more saturated color. Amazon sells the 32-inch version for just $38.99. And, of course, you can use it as a regular reflector once you zip on the double-sided covers that utilize four other colors—gold, silver, opaque white and black. I just noticed that there is an even larger one (43″) for just $29.95, made by Opteka. These handy little contraptions fold down to an easy-to-carry size, so I would recommend buying the larger one for almost ten bucks less. You can find that one here on Amazon. If you don’t already have one—run and get one! They are invaluable in and out of the studio and for virtually every subject, from portraits to plants to products. I especially like the 5-in-1 products. Just don’t lose the zip-on cover (I speak from experience)! And you’ll most likely need to use your tripod to use it. I set the camera up, focus on my subject, then hold the reflector over my head with my left hand to block the sun (doubles as protection from the sun on you, too!). This leaves my right hand free to focus and shoot. Yes, you’ll look silly, but you’ll also look like a pro and intimidate people passing by. You can purchase an arm-and-stand holder for these reflectors, but that means more equipment to carry—who needs that? If you can convince your significant other or a friend to hold the reflector in exchange for a free lunch, good on ya (again, I speak from experience)!

Today’s photo challenge: Can you spot the little bug playing peek-a-boo in “Kilroy was here” fashion in the Cleome flower—the first image? I didn’t notice him at the time I was shooting this image. He popped out at me when I opened the image in Photoshop. Here’s a clue: he has black and white striped antennae with an orange-ish colored head.

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.

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6 responses

10 07 2009
Ted C. MacRae

Wow, amazing closeups of those flowers. Your colors are so vivid.

10 07 2009

Hi Ted. Thanks for the visit and comment on my posting! I just went to your blog and have added it to my nature blogroll. Lots of informative stuff there—I might call upon you for the occasional bug identification, if you don’t mind!

10 07 2009

It is a pleasure to come here. I could not pick a fave of these…they are all worth seeing over and over.

Besides the Interfit, I highly recommend the 52-inch Photoflex Lightdisc. It isn’t as versatile or easy to carry but it reflects better.

10 07 2009

Why, thank you, burstmode. You made my day!

I also have a few of the Photoflex reflectors. I’m really enjoying using the 5-in-1 reflector these days. I don’t know how long the brand, Interfit, has been along, but the prices are a bit lower than the other manufacturers.

12 07 2009

Hi Cindy,

Your new photo posts are always a joy to behold and this is no exception. Love the variety. The colors just explode off the page… er, screen.

Re: HDR – I use software called Photomatix and have created composites of anywhere from 3 to 7 images. I will offer a detailed explanation the next time I post a HDR image on my blog. Keep an eye out for it.

12 07 2009

O_o bumblebeetuna!
(have you seen ace ventura(?) – i hope so, if not i made an idiot of myself, LOL)

are these handheld, or tripod(?) very nice

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