30 09 2009

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30 09 2009

Wowwwwwwwwww, that is stunning!

1 10 2009
Red Headed Woman

OMG!!!! Fabulous

1 10 2009

I could stare at this all day.

1 10 2009
Scott Thomas Photography

Another Wow here….care to share your lighting secret? Just stunning work.

2 10 2009

Hi Scott—no secret, really. This morning glory was blooming just outside my office window, below the fence line—and when the sun came through, it was a directed beam through the railings on the front porch—the glow caught my eye and I ran outside to catch it before the light changed! It helps that the background was dark (the shed and the woodpile), so that makes the glow pop even more. I guess the secret is to always pay attention and be ready to capture the light—ops like this are so fleeting. I’m just glad my camera was next to the computer, the battery wasn’t too low, and there was actually a CF card in it. Thanks for the comment!

2 10 2009
Scott Thomas Photography

You are so right on that, Cindy. Bravo!

4 10 2009

i took your advice & used my 105mm micro as a portait lens & of course you were right 😀 it does make an excellent portrait lens!
i loved it


this photo is great, i love the light & shadow

p.s you’ve hit 100,000 views! wow 😀

5 10 2009

the middle of the flower looks like a female silhouette, was that done on purpose? if not, amazing.. if so, amazing still 😉

5 10 2009

Hi Katie,

Wow…I didn’t notice that until you brought it up. It really DOES look like a female silhouette! Great catch!

5 10 2009

Spectacular. You are one of the best flower photographers I have come across. Time to give up that design stuff and turn your attention to photography 100%!

8 10 2009

Katie is right on—there is definitely a female silhouette in the bloom. I can’t believe I missed it—thanks, Katie.

And I can see in the outline that the female is holding a child—great Scott, Cindy! You have captured the Madonna and Child—no, not that Madonna—the one that artists have portrayed over the centuries. Raphael is one of the most famous, but many have painted the Madonna and Child, The Holy Mother and Son, Mary and Jesus.

I can remember stories about images of Mary or Jesus or both being found in tree bark, in a toasted cheese sandwich, in a piece of toast, in an oil slick on the pavement, potato chips and Doritos, and there are probably many more that I missed. And all have drawn crowds of one size or another.

If the news of your Holy Vision in a picture of (whatever that is) gets out, especially to this part of the US and to our nearest neighbor to the south, the faithful will be beating a path to your door. They’ll leave all sorts of flowers, emblems, wreaths, burning candles and notes with wishes and prayers. You’ll have to hose them down just to get out to your car—the faithful, not the burning candles—although the candles could pose a problem for the local fire department.

And it’s possible—nay, probable, that some will bring sick and suffering friends or family members so they can be near such an apparition, in the hopes they will be comforted, perhaps healed.

I believe that you should submit this photo to your local papers, to one or more photography magazines, perhaps present it to some of your local theologians for inspection and comments. You need to protect your rights on this one—it may be a real winner.

And, of course, a closer look may lead one to believe that the image shows a woman holding one child aloft and pregnant with another. Hey, it could still be Mary—we have no way of knowing whether it is, or is not. After all, Joseph had been waiting on the sidelines for quite awhile, probably with mounting impatience (no pun intended) before the Babe was born, and he must have been filled with joy that the Child had arrived. Most men will be able to relate to the joy he felt—I sure can.

11 10 2009
Jeff Evans

Female silhouette? Madonna and child? What you see there is clearly the silhouette of a muppet snake, possible the Snake Frackle. It also might be a hand with a sock on it.

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