100,000 hits!

4 10 2009

I was checking my blog stats and discovered that my busiest day ever was Wednesday, May 6, 2009, with a total of 440 hits. And 46 of those were for my Cabbage White Butterfly camouflage posting—must have been a lot of curious bug spotters that day!

To celebrate this milestone of 100,000 hits, I offer the following:

1. Oddest word searches that brought visitors to my blog:

kids running to touch wood  (a good old-fashioned—and legal—way to pass time)
beard of bees  (no thank you)
daylilies bugs hug   (aww….)
zoo-dutch dog with 2 ladies (1)  (huh?)
waffle house dirty    (hate it when that happens)
polaroid skull     (!)
hermaphrodite plant ruin    (I dare not ask.)
I never saw a purple cow what does it mean    (We’ll probably never really know.)
baby robin dying? crying   (Yep, that would be me doing the crying.)
cool stuff for 20 bucks    (Where? Where????)
gluten free elephant ears    (Didn’t know you could eat them!)
And then there’s the SPAM that gets filtered…    (…and sometimes it doesn’t)
Above-board! Just looking for you highly priced!   (Lost in translation)
young illegal booty content    (Again, I dare not ask.)
what is the flower is blue with 4 pedals   (A flower with pedals? How mobile it could be!)
when the cactus dies my love for you die   (Easy fix. Just don’t overwater.)
can you get high from a magnolia bud    (What? Morning glory seeds didn’t do it for ya?)
i shot myself flower    (Again—what’s up with the violence + flower stuff?)
now, that’s more like it ebay    (eBay sucks for sellers)
things cost an arm a leg or a soul    (Never bought anything that cost my soul!)
puppy girls feet wall paper    (That sounds like an HGTV decorating disaster.)
pups don’t shed for sale   (would make a very good name for a rock band)
sequim booty    (Hmm….Sequim, Washington? Known for booty? Who woulda thunk?)
elephant foot yam butterflies moths   (okay, way too much going on in this search)
cialis cindy   (alright already…enough with the cialis and viagara, spammers!)
legged fish wiki   
20 bucks    (I’ll take it!)
puppy road    (Puppy road, take me home, to the place where I belong, West Virginia…)
duck herding women    (I knew animals would take over one day, I just knew it!)
away morning
bulletin board idea for peek a boo   
tiny little bugs in kitchen denver  
fairmont empress + “bed bugs” 
spring rose sex
very little girl!   


2. Top 10 posts of all time on this blog (click on post name to view):

Concrete leaf casting: 4,094 viewers

Color Magic Rose: 2,017 viewers

Crafty room divider screen: 1,730 viewers

Stuff About Me: 1,602 viewers

Snowberry Clearwing Hummingbird Moth: 806 viewers

Heavenly blue: 704 viewers

Gigglebean with parrot and sugar glider: 661 viewers

Spotlight on Abbie!: 626 viewers

Mina Lobata (Spanish Flag): 576 viewers

Monarch butterfly habitat poster: 536 viewers


3. Top 10 referrers:

my2008blog.wordpress.com: 421 referrals  (Thanks, Birgitte!)

contradica.blogspot.com: 265 referrals  (Thanks, Abbie!)

penick.net/digging: 181 referrals  (Thanks, Pam!)

phillipoliver.blogspot.com: 178 referrals  (Thanks, Phillip!)

auntdebbisgarden.blogspot.com: 128 referrals  (Thanks, Debbi!)

mommymirandamusings.blogspot.com: 107 referrals  (Thanks, Heather!)

moresecretwhispers.wordpress.com: 99 referrals  (Thanks, Chloe!)

www.fotoblography.com: 87 referrals  (Thanks, Andy!)

www.outerchat.com: 86 referrals  (Thanks, Senthill!)

www.stphoto.wordpress.com: 62 referrals  (Thanks, Scott!)


4. Top 10 links that visitors went to from my blog:

Concrete garden leaves: 1,196 clicks

Color Magic Rose photo: 698 clicks

Martha Stewart’s website: 654 clicks

Making a leaf casting: 641 clicks

Little and Lewis (concrete casting artists): 472 clicks

Jacquard Products (again, concrete casting related link!): 408 clicks

Ellis Hollow Blog (yet another concrete leaf cast related link): 213 clicks

My “Punch O Color” photo collage: 203 clicks

Photo collage of my garden club doing concrete casting: 200 clicks

PDF download of Abbie Cranmer’s feature article in Hearing Loss Magazine: 196 clicks


I’ve been remiss in posting as often as I normally do. Work and other commitments called and something had to be set aside. To my regular and most loyal visitors, I offer a plea for leniency (and patience). I’ll be back soon with a plethora of postings, I promise! (In fact, I see that my white Japanese anemones have begun to bloom in the front yard…might they be my next subject?)



4 responses

4 10 2009

Congratulations or TILLYKKE as we say, with 100.000 visits on this great blog. I love to read your comments to the creative searches that have been sent to your blog. There is obviously great faith on your ability to answer almost anything. I think time has come for you to start one more blog, a “Ask Cindy” blog. My first question will be about the gluten free elephant ear…

4 10 2009

Hi Birgitte!

Thanks for the congrats. And also thanks to you, I now have the “flag counter” installed on my website. I read about it on your blog and went to check it out. Pretty neat little widget!

5 10 2009
Scott Thomas Photography

Congrats, Cindy! A testament to your excellent content and photographs. Oh, and your use of tags. 😉 I’m about 60K behind you and hope to someday pass that 100K mark.

6 10 2009

A “smart alec” or “smart aleck” is a person regarded as obnoxiously self-assertive and an impudent person. The term “smart arse” is more commonly used in the United Kingdom.

This comment is in reference to the first response to this posting from Birgitte (Giiid), in which she says, “I think time has come for you to start one more blog, an “Ask Cindy” blog.” I am in complete agreement with her suggestion—you definitely have a way with words!

And you shouldn’t fret about the possibility (extremely remote) of your not being able to answer a question. If you don’t know the answer and cannot find the answer in your copious store of literature, both online and offline, just tell ’em to Google it—or better still, ask your father for help! You won’t be pilloried if you are unsure, or don’t have the slightest clue and can’t find the answer—pilloring is illegal!

PeeEss: Please note the multiple exclamation points!

DoublePeeEss: I post this comment with all seriousness aside. Oops, belay that—I meant, “in all seriousness.”

You should definitely do it!

TriplePeeEss: Askcindy.com is taken, and Askanything.com is taken. I’m certain, however, that you’ll come up with a suitable alternative—askcindyanything.com, perhaps, or askcindydyer.com, I’llansweranyquestion.com, whaddauwannaknow.com, etc.—the possibilities are without end—endless, even.

QuadruplePeeEss: Should you choose to do this, you will probably be known (south of the border, down Mexico way) as “La mujer que sabe lo toto,” the woman that knows everything. In the interest of full disclosure that term, as often used “en la frontera” (on the border) means, in delicate terms, a smart alec, a phrase that is defined thusly in Wikipedia:

“A “smart alec” or “smart aleck” is a person regarded as obnoxiously self-assertive and an impudent person. The term “smart arse” is more commonly used in the United Kingdom.” And we in the United States, as all know, use a term very similar with the UK—we differ in spelling “arse.”

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