Apparently, one is never too old….

20 11 2009

for her father to cut up her breakfast in little bite size pieces! My dad made us breakfast one morning and Michael got this shot with his iphone.

© Michael Schwehr



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20 11 2009
Red Headed Woman

Sweet memories

21 11 2009

Had I not recognized the plate, the place mat and the napkin pattern, I would have accused you of staging this photo. Instead, I have to ‘fess up—I did it. I must have had a considerable amount of time on my hands that morning. And you’re right—you are never too old to have yore ol’ pappy deliver your meal in bite-sized portions (with the possible exceptions of soup and cereal).

That action is a holdover from your “terrible twos.” Do these ring a bell? (Yes, our little empress invariably used the imperial third-person form in such situations as these):

“Cut Cindy’s food.”
“Wipe Cindy’s eyes.”
“Change Cindy’s diaper.”

Note that the sentences are not prefaced by “Please” or “Would you.” That’s because they were voiced as imperatives rather than requests, and no expressions of gratitude were offered when the orders were followed—no expressions such as “Thank you” or “I certainly appreciate that.” Oh, those were the days! Incidentally I will still, on command, cheerfully cut your food and wipe your eyes, but I draw the line at the diaper changes.

Nice shot with your iphone, Michael—I wish I could afford one, but because of my fixed income, blah, blah, blah—I can only dream.

22 11 2009

The food was wonderful, the company was great, the music was fantastic, but we don’t have any pictures of the “bride and groom.”

Cindy, are you of all people “camera shy”?

At least put up a couple of the wedding pictures up for us all to see. A good time was had by all. Loved all the food and decorations it was really, really, nice, thanks for the invite.

24 11 2009

🙂 my mum still makes my packed lunches for work every morning hehe
this looks yum, what time should i be over for breakfast?

24 11 2009
Sue Cummings

I love it! Always our daddy’s girls. How precious is your father’s love!

26 11 2009
Jeff Evans

That is just great. The joys of little things and precious moments and the ties that bind.

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