Canyonlands from the air

13 12 2009

I shot this image during an aerial excursion that my friend Cammie and I took over Canyonlands National Park and Monument Valley years ago. Unfortunately, the plane trip got cut a little short due to lightning storms over Monument Valley (and yes, I was shooting that when it was happening!). I was disappointed the trip was ending thirty minutes earlier (meaning less photography time), but I think Cammie thought the plane ride was plenty long!
35mm slide scanned by

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



3 responses

14 12 2009

The group of photos have been incredible. You reminded me that somewhere, I have an N2000 in pristine condition.

14 12 2009

Thanks for the comment, burstmode! I appreciate it. When you used your N2000, did you shoot negatives or slides?

15 12 2009

I shot both. I had no clue what I was doing nor why I was doing things. I need to go dig out some of those old photos and see if any of them were any good.

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