Boat in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

6 01 2010

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



6 responses

6 01 2010

Wow, what excellent composition. Definitely my photographic Achilles heel. This is beautiful—it reminds me of summers on the Maine coast when we lived in New England.

6 01 2010

Thanks for the compliment, Anthony. I added you to my blogroll—great experimenting you’re doing with film and old cameras!

7 01 2010

Beautiful composition, fantastic depth-of-field and gorgeous color. This photo would make a great poster print for Nova Scotia to highlight its blue skies, its fishing industry and its appeal to vacationers. If their national Chamber of Commerce asks for a high-resolution file, make ’em pay for it.

Of course, other than those points, it’s just another mundane snapshot.

Lo dije en broma—es un trabajo muy bien hecho. As you probably know, in the Spanish language that means “I said it in jest—it’s a job very well done.”

8 01 2010

Oh to be there on a day like that RIGHT NOW! Beautiful capture, Cindy.

14 01 2010

Wow a beautiful shot of this boat and the water behind it. Seems to be a perfect fishing scene!

15 01 2010

Hi Andy,

Thanks for all the nice comments on my recent postings!

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