Outta my way!

6 01 2010

This is one of my favorite Polaroid transfers. I shot the original image (Velvia transparency) one summer at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, MD. While the original isn’t a bad image, it has more impact as a transfer, I think. This image was one of many I posted in a collage in October 2007 on this blog. See that posting here. I’ll post some more of those images enlarged and individually in the future. I’ve also run across some additional transfers I hadn’t scanned yet, so I’ll post those when I do.

FYI: I found this link here on photographer Holly Francis Dupré’s website. She has developed a comprehensive guide to creating Polaroid transfers that is free to download.

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2 responses

7 01 2010

A superb capture of birds in flight, and a great example of our FAA flight controllers asleep at the wheel. I once landed at Houston’s International Airport and we watched our landing on the movie screens. Another aircraft was on its takeoff roll in front of us and it looked like we were in the pilot’s hip pocket. Bummer! I don’t recommend the practice—some things are better left unknown. Nice pic.

14 01 2010

Wow Really nice processing. I am going to check out that article as I don’t really know anything about Polaroid Transfers and it sounds interesting.

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