Just had to share this…

15 01 2010



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18 01 2010

A great video—thanks for posting it. Perhaps Annie would have submitted to being wrapped, but there’s no way Dumas would have endured the process! However, even though both arrived at their final destination unwrapped, both were immediately admitted to the inner sanctum to continue giving and receiving pure love. And with that thought I’ll sign off—the screen is beginning to blur.

18 01 2010
Sue Cummings

I hope when I am old like this little kitty that someone will love me enough to wrap me up!

20 01 2010
Scott Thomas Photography

That is one mellow cat. Mine would never sit still for this. He did like stealing the ribbons off our gifts this year though. 🙂

20 01 2010

I love your pics! You’re great!! Did you go to Pan American University/Edinburg, Texas? If you did…we were great friends; we should connect; sonyamendeke@att.net

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