Photographs? Well, not technically.

28 01 2010

A few years ago I dabbled in scanning flowers on my Epson flatbed scanner and got some pretty good results. The technique works best if you can cover the flower arrangement with a dark piece of fabric or black cardboard. While the original images were nice “record” shots of my flowers, I wanted to do something more with them. I ran the scanned images through some artsy Photoshop filters to give them a romantic, soft-focus glowy look. So there you have it…photographs without a camera!

Not long after I toyed with the process, I saw an exhibit of photographer Robert Creamer’s images at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. These large-scale works were amazing! He scanned all sorts of things—dead birds, flowers, fruit, bones, and more. You can read more about his Smithsonian exhibit here and see more of his work on his website here. Watch the video here for a demonstration of his setup.

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29 01 2010

These are really stunning. Beautifully soft and lo-fi, and that’s coming from someone who spends a good amount of time chasing those two attributes. My first thought was a plastic-lens Holga-type camera used with an impressive lighting rig.

I totally stole the idea from you (don’t worry, I gave you credit and a link to your contest) and made my own contest, which could actually be very helpful in a “forthcoming important life event” next week. I would love it if you added your two cents to the project.

29 01 2010

You know, you are always an inspiration to me. These turned out beautifully, dreamy…especially the roses. The process caught that something special inside them.

31 01 2010

They are all very beautiful — my favorite is the last one, with the optimistic leaves.

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