Maaaaaa, make it stop!

11 02 2010

Hard to believe we were in sunny Sarasota just three days ago! Left: the view from my studio, with snow halfway up the back gate! Right: Michael shoveling snow off of the tool shed roof. Unbelievable. I may venture out in the morning to get a Currier & Ives shot for you. Cabin fever is coming soon, I just know it.



One response

13 02 2010

Good heavens!

Is that Michael I see sushing (swishing?) down the slope provided by your storage shed? And where did he find that odd-looking ski pole? Has he lost the other one? If so, he may encounter some real problems on the way down.

That’s just an astute observation made by a non-skier—my knowledge of skiing is restricted to what I’ve learned by watching the winter Olympics. I have never skied nor will I ever, unless I am trapped atop a mountain and skiing is the only way to get to the bottom. And speaking of bottoms, rather than skiing I would probably elect to slide down the mountain on mine.

Nice pics—I suspect you and Michael have had your fill of snowflakes for this season.

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