Self-diagnosed SAD

16 02 2010

Yep, that’s me. I proclaim myself a victim of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). According to Wikipedia: SAD, also known as winter depression or winter blues, is a mood disorder in which people who have normal mental health throughout most of the year experience depressive symptoms in the winter.

As I look out my studio window this afternoon, I see more snow coming down. Projection: 4 inches of the inconvenient stuff. White stuff on top of older white stuff. It was pretty the first time it snowed this winter (Dec. 19), but after the first 4 inches, enough was enough. It was 26.4 inches total for that first snowfall alone. I think it has snowed at least six times since then, including the 30″ we got over February 5. Fortunately, we were in sunny Florida during that blizzard, but we came home to the aftermath, followed by the additional 10.5 inches we got two days later on February 10. Ah yes, it was pretty the first time. Now it is just a pain. If I wanted this kind of snowfall, I would have already moved to any one of those snowy states starting with the letter “M”—Maine, Montana, Minnesota or Michigan.


Well, whaddyaknow—there is actually a named disorder for the SAD condition experienced in summer—Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is accompanied by anxiety (come experience an oppressively hot D.C. summer and you’ll know what they’re talking about!)


Hmmmm…what cheers me up? The promise of spring (32 days and counting, although by the looks of things, I beg to differ). And gardening. And lots of flowers to photograph. And on that note, I leave you (and temporarily, my SAD symptoms) with a series of collages of photos I shot in my Garden Club members’ gardens a few years ago. Sigh….somewhere under the “white crap accumulation,” there are bulbs hibernating and dormant plants dreaming of the sun. Keepin’ the faiiiiiiittttth, yay yay yay yay, keepin’ the faith…

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7 responses

16 02 2010

This posting is at once an uplifting experience and a severe disappointment, a dual reaction that is explained thusly:

You have treated us to collages of nine gardners—Carmen, Debbi, Gina, Sue Nanda, Regina, Judy, Karen and Leda—all gorgeous, both gardens and gardners! However, I realized immediately that something is missing. Can you guess what it is? I’ll give you three guesses and the first two won’t count.

Give up?

That which is missing is a collage of the Head Gardner’s garden, that of the Master Gardner. Where is your collage? Huh, huh, where is yours? Are you afraid it will wither—so to speak—from the glory of the others? Or are you afraid yours will eclipse the beauty of the others?

Hey, let’s have it—run your collage up the flag pole and let’s see how many salute it! (note the exclamation point)

16 02 2010

I think a lot of people are experiencing SAD this year. Even this far south, people are tired of the dark gray sky that seems to be around so much. My daughter bought one of those light boxes to use during the winter because she is so affected by the decreased light right now. I, like you, just need to look at summer garden pictures to have my spirits lifted. Thanks for sharing the collages of beautiful blooms.

Always Growing

17 02 2010
Scott Thomas Photography

Colors? Especially that interesting green color. I need to get out and find me some color this weekend before I start to experience SAD (aka Cabin fever).

17 02 2010

Dear King of Texas,

Since a great majority of my photos are shot in my garden(s), I always assumed I was already profiling my garden…but now I’m thinking you’re right—I should “collage it” like I’ve done with the other gals.

17 02 2010

Scott—if you can’t find color this weekend, grab some dark chocolate! That will cheer you up, too! 😉

17 02 2010

Jan, I have one of those OTT lights. I think I should drag it out of the craft room and put it next to my computer. Maybe that might help things. That, and chocolate. 😉

25 02 2010
Charles Wildbank

There are good cures for SAD and it is GLAD! Think GLASS! Glass half full! or even a glass filled with cosmos, intelligence, awareness, consciousness, etc. The wave of the future is the crystalization in itself, more glass buildings. Hanging gardens indoors, well insulated, no more gypsum sheetrock or hiding. Light and more light. More chlorophyl and more GREEN! Plants all year round, even in Antarctica with our technological capabilities, our desires being the objective creating the future we want. That is what SAD is telling us, our true emotions have surfaced!

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