Published: A Passion for Purple Flowers

3 03 2010

I recently wrote an article for for their monthly online newsletter. All but three of the photos in the article were shot by me (shown below); the others were purchased from The Flower Shop Network Newsletter is a free monthly e-mail featuring articles based on the knowledge of floral professionals across the country. Once a month, they provide interesting information about all things floral. You can view their newsletter archive and sign up for an e-mail blast here. To read my article, click on the link below:



6 responses

3 03 2010

I think this is fabulous. Congratulations. You are the best flower photographer that I know…well, I mean, online know.

3 03 2010

Thanks, burstmode! I appreciate the kudos!

5 03 2010

I love flowers and I love purple colors.


5 03 2010
CheyAnne Sexton

Cindy, I just went and read your article, Fantastic info here. I tried to leave a comment, hopefully it went through. I’m going to try the Liatris and possiblly the globe thistle here in north eastern New Mexico and see how they do. It’s pretty hot in the summer months. Keep up the great work
peace n abundance
CheyAnne @

5 03 2010
CheyAnne Sexton

also trying to spread the article thru linkedin, twitter and facebook too

11 03 2010

Hi Cheyenne,

Thanks for the compliments and for spreading the word. Very sweet of you!

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