A new garden visitor

25 03 2010

I spotted this pretty girl (I assume it’s a girl because of the pink collar, but you just never know) walking across the shed roof outside my office window. In the glare of the morning light and without my glasses on, at first I thought it was our regular visitor and neighbor’s cat, Indy. We’re guessing she might belong to our new neighbors, but we’re not sure. Michael saw her on their front porch before she came to the back yard. I got closer and realized it wasn’t Indy. She stayed on the roof and approached me when I came up to her. I petted her once, then she began hissing, then she let me pet her again, then she hissed again. Testy little thing, she was. Ah well, she made a great photographic subject and she hung around on the shed roof for quite awhile.

CRITTER UPDATE: Unknown kitty has a home—she belongs to our new neighbors. I saw her and a dog peeking out the glass front door last night. Good to know she has a home! I sure wouldn’t let our cats out unattended—I’m much too fearful the call of the wild would whisk them away forever.

CRITTER UPDATE #2: Unknown kitty is now known…her name is “Foxy.” And that she most certainly is (she could improve her attitude, though).

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



3 responses

25 03 2010
Mary Ellen Ryall

She’s a cutie.

25 03 2010

She is a pretty kitty, indeed.

30 03 2010

Very sweet 😉

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