What not to design and please pass the Tylenol…

11 04 2010

Egads…click on any link on the website below and it gets even worse than the home page…if that’s even possible (trust me, it is). I think I need to go lie down now. (Any typos below are hers, not mine!) This link was referenced on a graphic design site.

Gotta hand it to Yvette—she doesn’t want you to leave her site empty-handed. You can:

• purchase prom gowns and bridal dresses, garters and gloves, rent tuxedos

• read pithy quotes (“Happy Trees, Olive leaves, things that are green V8*)

• download recipes (including Sock-it-to-Me Cake, Lord Hurlley’s Gingerbread and “Old Timey Country Cookin’ Recipe’s!!”)

• learn about the Salem Witch Trials and alien abduction (“Psychological Thriller!!)

• read her poetry (“Click here to read an composition”)

• envision your house remodeled (“Fine Designs by Dudeotep”)

• meet Yvette’s portrait painter, a world famous artist (click on this link here to read about his journey into art—you don’t want to miss this link and be sure to turn up your sound and listen to the ragtime music!)

I’m telling you…you could get lost in this website and never recover. It’s like that movie “The Ring.” Enter at your own risk.




One response

11 04 2010

I can state truthfully that I have never seen anything like this site, and I do not believe I will ever see anything else like it, and finally I must say that I hope to never see anything else like it. I now have a really bad headache and I’m off to look for the Tylenol. I’ve never had even a tiny taste of LSD—that’s acid, for the uneducated—but that psychedelic site is a stunning advertisement for LSD and any other hallucinogenic drug, and that artist’s work can best be described in words of one syllable—holy hopping Jehoshaphat!

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