Nikon D300s movie by photojournalist Ami Vitale

14 04 2010

I have two Nikon D300 bodies, but now I’m craving the D300s because of the video feature. I just discovered this D300s video on Nikon’s website. It’s a movie about Indian culture by photojournalist Ami Vitale. So beautifully done…from the video to still images to the music selections…great visual storytelling…mesmerizing, frenetic and haunting…but then again, getting into video—-I’d have to learn Final Cut Pro, too (Unlike Ami, I can’t afford to hire Dai Sugano to be my multimedia producer—yet). Great…yet another program to learn…not enough hours in my day! On the upside, I did acquire a full copy of Final Cut Pro for 75% off when CompUSA was going out of business a few years ago. Score!



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14 04 2010

wow, great find, love it

16 04 2010

Thanks for good and interested sharing

17 04 2010

Nice video—I’m sure you will do well should you decide to produce videos via Final Cut Pro—I look forward to your first and subsequent creations. We are rather short on camels in our country, but you might consider using mules for a similar project—or perhaps jass axes.

As a former Alabama country boy I found the camels in the video to be exceptionally lovely creatures. I’m reminded of the story of a commanding officer newly assigned to a French Foreign Legion outpost in camel country. When he learned that the nearest town was several miles distant across the desert, he asked his orderly, a lowly enlisted man, what the troops used for diversion off-duty, and the orderly replied, “Sir, we use the camels.”

A short time later (so to speak), the commander complained that he had used one of the camels as recommended and found it to be a memorable but remarkably disgusting practice. The orderly said, “But, sir, the diversions are in the city—we only use the camels for transportation.”

Should you choose to delete this comment for any reason, your hard drive and all your backup equipment will instantly fuse into glass, and you will suffer pestilences more horrible than Moses delivered unto Pharoah—so raves the Exquisitely Exalted Oracle, Hershelythio of ancient San Antonio!

23 04 2010

Thank you Cindy, this was absolutely beautiful and inspiring.

25 05 2010
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It’s your discovery, good job!

5 11 2010
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nikon is more better than sony. so I bought nikon last year.

30 11 2010
Dan Hagerty

it seems that your rss feed is not working

25 02 2011
Lady Bird

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23 06 2011
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