In bloom today at Green Spring Gardens

16 05 2010

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16 05 2010

Whut is thet blu flar thurd down from the top and secunt up—no, not secunt up—hit’s furst up from the last foto? Is it one of them ‘air erotic plants from fur off somewhur?

Is it one bloom on a single stem, or are there others? Can you give us some idea of its size—diameter, circumference, number of leaves, etc.? I don’t recall ever seeing one like that—not in my whole put together!

Oh, and all the other shots are beautiful also—well done.

16 05 2010

Dear King of Texas,

The common name for that flower is “Love-in-a-Mist.” The Latin name is Nigella Damascena and it is in the buttercup family. It is one flower with several layers and each flower sits in a tangle of fern-like foliage that form a “mist” around the flowers—hence the name “love-in-a-mist.” There are others in the bunch—see the next posting for a grouping of them. The flowers are about 1-1/2+ inches in diameter and sit atop stems that range from 15-30 inches in height. Some have stems have single flowers, some have double, and they can be blue, pink, purple or greenish-white. They are annuals and they self-sow.

Signed, your royal gardener

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