Tuesday’s tabby

23 06 2010

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24 06 2010

I always find it amazing that a cat can register so many emotions. For the fellow in this photo, take your pick of one or more of the following emotions—anticipation, longing, love, hopefulness, rapture, resignation, resolution, jealousy, frustration, fear, hope, vengefulness, pleasure, frustration and affection.

Scientists and researchers differ on whether a cat can register emotions comparable to those shown by humans. I believe they can show emotion, and why not? Cats share the five physical senses with us—smell, taste, hearing, sight and touch. In fact, they can smell, taste, hear and see better than we can, and we know they can feel heat, cold, pain and other physical sensations.

I believe the cat in this image is watching, with intense anticipation, a mouse running along an upper stair step and the cat is thinking, “Boy, oh boy, oh boy—just a little bit closer and you’re mouseburger!”

25 06 2010

I sure hope he wasn’t seeing a rat INSIDE the house! Most likely it was a bug flying around the hallway chandelier. I hope!

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