Blue Dasher Dragonfly on Water Lily

26 06 2010

Serendipity! I was photographing this water lily at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens early this morning and was silently praying that any one of the myriad dragonflies buzzing about would land and pose for me. And it was so. Michael was talking with a woman by the water lily ponds near the park entrance and she mentioned that she and her husband visit the gardens often, most recently accompanying a photographer friend who had just gotten a new long and pricey lens. She said that he set up his tripod with his camera, attached the long lens to it, then turned his back. (You can see where this is headed, can’t you?). Off went the whole contraption into the shallow water lily pond—lens, camera and tripod! He immediately insisted everything was okay with the camera and lens. (I can just imagine I would say the same thing—not so much to calm my nervous friends, but more to keep from breaking down right there and sobbing!) Um, yeah…let’s hope he was right—-but I’m just not sure digital equipment can survive a dunk in a pond without needing some kind of intervention afterward.

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27 06 2010
Alex Solla

Some gear can withstand that sort of immersion. At least temporarily. I know that pro-level gear from Nikon and Canon have good seals to keep water and salt out. Pro lenses are built the same way. The really big deal is to know how to dry things off. NO RUBBING. BIG fluffy towels, bed sheets… anything to blot the water off…. compressed air at a distance just to push the water off, NOT to get into the seals. Then microfiber towels to work into the nooks. Then I would break it down. Pull batteries etc and get inside and see what’s wet. It shouldn’t be too bad.

On the other hand, if you’re shooting with pro-sumer dslrs like I do… you have a brand spankin’ new Nikon Boat Anchor model D90. lol.

27 06 2010

Hey Alex!

Thanks for the info should I ever suffer the same fate with my gear! 🙂 (Shudder—shutter!)

Love your new photo website—I hadn’t seen that before. Best of luck to you on that new venture!

Also, I haven’t forgotten about the notecard contest—after I posted the essays, I ran off to Milwaukee to photograph a convention—and now I’m working on all the photos for the client. I’ll be assembling and mailing out the card packages sometime next week. I’ll e-mail you when they’re on their way!

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