And one more to call it a night…

28 06 2010

Here is one more shot from my photo field trip to Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens on Saturday morning. It’s a good thing we went earlier than planned (thanks to my friend Jeff, who forwarded an e-mail stating the lotus blooms were peaking earlier than usual). We were surprised that there weren’t as many full blooms close to the pond edges to photograph. Most of the ones that were accessible were past their peak and already losing their petals. I really could have used a Nikkor 200mm micro lens (it’s on my wish list, but it’s about $1700-1800) to reach the ones in the pond (really, wading boots would be much cheaper than that lens). The water lilies, however, were in beautiful form!

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



4 responses

28 06 2010

What an incredibly beautiful image!

28 06 2010

Nice shot—as always I am impressed by the depth of field you achieve in your photos. I just saw a bee fly into the scene from right to left, disappear behind the bloom for an instant, then exit the scene to the left—amazing!

PeeEss: If you can hold out until Christmas, I’ll spring for the wading boots.

29 06 2010

This has fabulous clarity, Cindy. I love the pink in the petals and what an astonishing shade of yellow at the centre!

29 06 2010

Hi Val! Thanks for all the lovely comments on my latest photos. I’m also enjoying the banter back and forth between you and the King of Texas! 🙂

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