Happy 22nd birthday, Beaujolais!

5 07 2010

I got this e-mail below yesterday from my dear friend Barb, who is also a former neighbor. She and her husband Dean moved back to Spokane several years ago. They hosted me, Michael, and my friend Sue and her mom, Wanda, on our visit to the Pacific Northwest three years ago. Click here to learn how Beaujolais put Barb and her two kids through college by modeling! Look through my September 2008 archives to see the entire trip, from Seattle to Vancouver to Spokane, chronicled in photographs!

Hello everyone,
Not only are we celebrating the 4th of July—we are celebrating Beaujie’s 22nd birthday! Dr. Hunter (vet) informed me that he has only had 5 cats reach 20 in the 30 yrs he has been a vet. Beaujie is in good health other than being deaf…..she still enjoys the deck when the sun is out—-tuna—-her kitty food—long naps on her mink—and enjoys going to the front yard (with supervision). She does not like—being brushed—baths—or the grandkids.
Life is good for an old lady….
Hugs from Barb, Dean & Beaujolais
Photo © Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



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