Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

30 07 2010

GREAT PHOTO TIP! Here’s a butterfly photography trick I learned from my friend Mary Ellen a few years ago. Wait until the butterfly has it proboscis inserted into a flower and it becomes completely distracted by the task at hand—then move in closer, staying as still as possible.

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31 07 2010

I know that it’s unlikely that any of your erudite viewers may wonder how the Monarch Butterfly, given its limited time to exist–at least as a butterfly—is able to traverse some 3,000 miles from Mexico to the northern regions of the US and to Canada in pleasant springtime and summer and back again to winter in the interior of Mexico. If you have the slightest notion that any of your myriad myriad fans (that’s one hundred million) believe that, you should apprise them of the truth, and it shall set them free from such notions.

None traverse those thousands of miles—the Monarchs, not your fans. Those that begin the migration never arrive at that destination. Somewhere along the way they stop several times, just long enough to reproduce and die, and their offspring continue the journey. I have watched them carefully when they pass through San Antonio, Texas but could detect no signs of such activities.

Be that it may, that’s what the experts say.

15 08 2010
Mary Ellen Ryall

Swallowtail photo is simply gorgeous.

19 08 2010

Thanks, Mary Ellen!

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