Straw Flower

31 07 2010

I love the way the bokeh of the grasses makes the background looks so painterly. Serendipity!

© Cindy Dyer. All right reserved.



One response

31 07 2010

Yep, the bokeh of the grasses caught my eye immediately. What in the holy hopping you-know-what (an alliterative word) is a bokeh? And don’t tell me to use the link you gave—I did that already, and got such a headache you wouldn’t believe!

I learned myriad things about bokeh but came nowhere close to learning how to pronounce it. Please note that I used myriad as an adjective—had I said that I learned a myriad of things, etc., it would have meant that I learned 10,000 bits of knowledge concerning the word bokeh—got it?

But not to worry—I have a special place for such words, a hidden place symbolic in nature but receptive to input. You’ll find a few such places in our nation, especially in unincorporated rural areas in the deep South. Such repositories, some quite utilitarian and still used, are usually located at a discrete distance behind residences and downwind from the prevailing breezes.

As always, your photo of the Straw Flower is very beautiful—and very pink, with its pinkness accentuated by the bokeh of the background grasses.

Keep up the good work!

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