2 08 2010

Does anyone else find it difficult to maintain detail in flowers that are in the pink-red spectrum? This was photographed under a bright, but overcast sky.

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



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3 08 2010

really takes my breath away…

4 08 2010
Mary Ellen

The native bumble bee shot is superb. I can even see the hairs on this beauty.

4 08 2010
CheyAnne Sexton

I know exactly what you mean about magenta. I shot this wonderful bright almost neon pink moss rose the other day under similar lighting and everyone read so bright magenta as to be garish. Me no like at all…. and I was just playing with them last night and I was super sleepy when I found something that might work. If I could post the photos here I could show you so I’ll have to go look at my files and get back with you, maybe by e-mail.
Love the photo idea tho, but the pink here is almost uncomfortable, yes?
peace n abundance,

4 08 2010
Scott Thomas Photography


The way my camera is setup, any kind of colors in the red end of the spectrum get really saturated and often blown out. As my camera does not have a RGB histogram, I find that out after the fact. In post (I use Aperture 3), I can select the color and then pull down either its saturation or vibrancy to tone it done and bring back detail. Of the two, vibrancy works better still giving the color a kick.

BTW, what is your working distance with the 105mm macro?

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