3 08 2010

A few months ago, I mentioned I had a fun shoot assignment for Gallaudet University Press. Today, my Hearing Loss Magazine editor, Barbara, e-mailed me the link to this book cover and asked if this is the one I had shot.

Turns out the photo was being used for the cover of Sara Laufer Batinovich’s book, Sound Sense: Living and Learning with Hearing Loss, to be released in October! I think the cover turned out great—love the clean silhouette treatment of the model. I’ve been published on lots of trade and professional association magazine covers and interiors, but this is my first stock shoot for a book cover.

While I haven’t met Sara in person, I have corresponded with her via e-mail and have done layouts on an article or two that she has written for the magazine. It was cool to find out the photo was to be used on the cover of a book authored by a Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) member and someone I just happen to know! If you’re interested in learning more about Sara’s book, click here.



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3 08 2010

The photo makes you want to pick up the book, to engage with the young lady…very nice.

4 08 2010

Did she credit you for the photo by noting it in the book?

4 08 2010

Hey Sue…I am certain Gallaudet gave me a credit line because I was asked how I wanted it to read. Sara wasn’t involved in the layout or cover phase, so it wouldn’t have been her job to give credit. She didn’t know about the cover results until recently. Not to worry…I am sure I got credit…I mostly love that it was a paid assignment! Credit lines are nice and I often get them…but truth be told, I’d rather them SHOW ME THE MONEY! Thanks for being my cheerleader!

4 08 2010
Sara Laufer Batinovich

Thanks for taking such a nice shot, Cindy! I hope that the Sound Sense cover stirs up lots of additional business for you.

5 08 2010

Thanks, Sara. Additional business would sure be a nice perk!

3 10 2011
Clint Rowley

Pretty awesome to see your photo used I would imagine.

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