Sunset in Belfast, Maine

28 08 2010

Oh, if I could only fly! While in Belfast, Maine on Monday, we heard about a street festival downtown and decided to go check it out. As we were coming out of an art gallery, we noticed the intensely colored clouds—too bad I couldn’t have positioned myself in front of a more interesting foreground to take advantage of that gorgeous color! Hey Dad—don’t these clouds look like they belong in an N.C. Wyeth painting?

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



One response

31 08 2010

A great shot—what a somber and brooding scene! Yep, the clouds are definitely N.C. Wyeth—you probably photo-shopped them in from one of his prints—just kidding!

The black foreground of buildings and crossed overhead lines accentuate and in some way modifies the brilliance and the elegance of the sunset-lighted clouds—I’m unsure whether they enhance it or subdue it—a bit of both, I suppose.

Following additional thought concerning this image, I believe that the photo shows, at least on its surface—superficially, so to speak—the surrender of day unto night, but on a deeper level it reflects the struggle between good and evil, albeit with the promise of the day returning on the morn to conquer the darkness, effectively representing the victory of good over evil.

Ain’t that weird?

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