8 09 2010

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8 09 2010

did you hear the sound of me sucking air through my teeth…that means I really like this shot but, as with the flowers, I am out of words…a two light setup?

8 09 2010

Thanks, Burstmode! Yes, two light setup—I had my D300 with an SB-800 mounted with a Stoffen on it and pointed right and up…that flash triggered the SB-900 mounted to point into a small Alzo digital softbox; handheld by Michael to the left of my subject and slight above her. Although the output isn’t quite as bright as my studio strobes, I do love the flexibility and portability of using the Nikon Speedlights in my traveling photo lighting case!

8 09 2010
Scott Thomas Photography

I am with BM, stunning photo. Her hair and top make for a classic old-time Hollywood look with the modern touches of today’s style.

9 09 2010

Thanks for the comment, Scott! I’m preparing a few more images of her in her “glam session” later. I also have shots of her with her father and mother that need prepping.

13 09 2010

In words of one syllable (not syllable, of course–it has two)—wow!

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