Amusing search terms

15 09 2010

As any dedicated blogger knows, visitors flock to your blog from all sorts of avenues: via WordPress, from another blogger’s blogroll, Google search, etc. These are the more amusing ones that ended up in my “Search Terms” list (exactly as they appeared), along with an observation by me.

graphic things that say sophia (huh?)

yellow ducks foot passion flower (dang, ya’ll, one more passion flower to add to the garden!)

color things (that generic a search and you still found my blog?)

panel screen room divider fish (divider fish…now that’s a concept)

martha’s recipe with baby robins (Martha? Really? Say it isn’t so. This is not a good thing.) 

poems of loss and bubble (huh?) 

sugar glider eating (I ferevently hope this is search for what these critters eat and not another one of Martha’s recipes!)

beautiful but destructive (alas)

forced bulb flower frog (this, I gotta see)

crochet action photoshop (crochet + Photoshop—there’s some multi-tasking I could get into!)

missouri walking stick bug poison to hum (poison to hum?)

nat the bug (pat the spider)

hearing loss horse (that would require a rather large hearing aid, fer shure)

little green bug flies fast (most of them do)

pinwheel peace (we’ll take it in any shape it comes in, won’t we?)

incredibly beautiful (oh, you don’t mean it)

very fine photo (why, thank you!)

hardly seems (I’m with you on that)

sears photo studio pregnancy (Sears? Oh, please tell me you didn’t!)

Frog lips illustration (frog lips?)

have you forgotten red house painters (how could I?)

I have hearing aids (I couldn’t be prouder, really!)

smile food   🙂

sheets of paper to write with tulip (now there’s a new use for a tulip!)

parks and recreation im just a puppy (well, i’m just a bill, sittin’ on capitol hill) 

reed doughty quirks (Sorry, I just photographed him twice; didn’t notice any quirks!) 

my dirty hobby (Dare I ask?) 

thanks for all the roses (You’re quite welcome.) 

kilroy was here (Dangitall! I missed him again.) 




6 responses

15 09 2010

LOL, do you know i find even more amusing than looking through my search terms.. is actually copying them & searching them on google & NEVER finding my blog..

give it a go, it’s quite funny

my favourite is: little green bug flies fast

16 09 2010

You have such creative visitors, Cindy, but the best part is your comments. 🙂

16 09 2010

“sears photo studio pregnancy (Sears? Oh, please tell me you didn’t!)”

…I better stay in my office until I can control my face 🙂
Thanks for all the fun.

16 09 2010

All too funny, I’m practically laughing out loud here (not LOLing though :P).

When I had my other blog, and checked my google analytics for what lead people to it, I got this:
“librarians shabby clothed”

Yeah, I don’t know either.

16 09 2010

Librarians shabby clothed—-funny! Was it a librarian who did NOT want to be “shabby clothed” and was wardrobe shopping? Was is possibly someone’s private fetish? Who knows?

20 10 2010

giiid is right–you do get wonderful search terms. The scary thing is that I know what a forced bulb flower frog is.

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