Happy birthday, Dad!

19 09 2010

Happy birthday to the best father a girl could have! Not a single day goes by that I do not count my blessings for having the best parents on earth. I realize this photo of me and you is a teeny, tiny bit dated (at least a decade or so ago), but it was the first one I came across in my archives—don’t I look like such a happy child?

You share a birthday with former president Bill Clinton; SNL comedians Jimmy Fallon and Cheri Oteri; singers Trish Yearwood and Paul Williams; GMA Alum Joan Lunden; actor Jeremy Irons; news commentator Soledad O’Brien; model Twiggy; and close to (my) home—Katie Doughty (wife of Redskins football player Reed Doughty), whom I photographed at Green Spring Gardens here, and in my studio here and here. Happy birthday, Katie!

Best of all, today is “International Talk Like A Pirate Day.” Arrrrrrr…..

Get to know this amazing man through his blog, The King of Texas, where he waxes rhapsodic about his family, revisits his childhood (with amazing recall for details), comments on current events (political, celebrity, media and more), and aims to right grammatical wrongs (one visitor at a time) with his occasional lessons on the subject. Check out his archives for some of his essays. I introduced him to blogging just over a year ago and he has become a prolific poster. He has always loved to write and it shows in his lengthy and detailed essays. I just knew it would be a great creative outlet for him. I realize I’ve created a monster, but I am so proud of my grasshopper! Whether you agree or disagree on any particular posting, he welcomes feedback of any kind (but thrives on kudos in particular), so don’t hesitate to comment—he always responds.



3 responses

21 09 2010

Oh, happy belated birthday to a one-of-a-kind precious guy. He looks a bit like Keither Sutherland! You’re one great guy inside and out! I love you, Sue

23 09 2010

Thanks for the happy birthday and for showcasing one of my favorite photos. I’ll keep it to myself which of the two in the photo makes it a favorite, but I’ll give you a clue—it ain’t the guy with the tan—it’s no wonder that I have dermatology problems some 45 years later!

I really like the first comment of this posting from some lady named Sue—I even like being compared slightly to the Sutherland fellow. I especially like her expression of love, and I love you right back, Sue!

29 09 2010

aww happy birthday cindy’s dad 🙂

you were the cutest little girl cindy, i love your expression hehe

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