Green Bottle Fly (Phaenicia sericata)

16 10 2010

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



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16 10 2010
Dan Schwartz

I did a double-take when I read the name of the {||} flower.

16 10 2010

Dan—-those two words in the parenthesis are the Latin name for the FLY, not the flower!

18 10 2010

Wow, what a perfect and interesting photo of the fly, and a great mix of colors.

19 10 2010

I agree with Giiid. Your photo is perfect. But how do you get so much dof with the 105mm? -When I try there are only few mm in focus.

20 10 2010


Thanks for the comments! Carsten—it’s a combination of things—-the angle (I’m almost eye-to-eye, flat level to the fly), and I used a very small aperture (there was bright light, filtered sun through an opaque reflector). I’ll check and see what the specs are. I was fortunate mostly due to the angle I was shooting, I think. I also used a tripod, so that helps as well. I did a little sharpening (as you always need to) in Photoshop. It has to be in focus to begin with, but all digital images require a bit of sharpening. I didn’t oversharpen, though.

20 10 2010

Thanks for your answer Cindy.
Exercise. That is what I need.
Besides insects, sun and flowers. Maybe snow flakes are here before I advance to the next level.

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