Japanese Toad Lily (Tricyrtis Hirta ‘Miyasaki’)

19 10 2010

This hardy perennial from Japan produces exotic, star-shaped blooms with purple markings. The flowers resemble orchids and will grow in part or full shade. Learn more about this plant here. Photographed at Green Spring Gardens, Alexandria, Virginia

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



One response

21 10 2010

I can’t believe that no one has seen the various animals in this photo. Even with my limited imagination and poor eyesight I count ten clearly defined figures. I see a yellow French poodle peering over the top of the center blossom, and below and to the left of the poodle is a setting quail, and behind the quail is a small creature peeping out of its burrow with nose, eyes and ears defined.

To the right perched on a green leaf is a marine animal, perhaps a salamander or similar aquatic dweller, out for a breath of fresh air. Above and behind him a floral cobra lurks, its hood flared out and head tilted forward, probably ready to strike the salamander.

Below and to the left is a yellow long-beaked fuzzy animal , somewhat plump, with a side-mounted eye showing and a curiously curved beak. Above that fellow is an elongated animal with his front legs encircling the fuzzy one’s beak. Its eye, nose and mouth are clearly defined.

There are several fish, one at the left of the center blossom and one at the left of the bottom blossom. Both are swimming away from the blooms toward the left side of the frame. They may be out of sight before I finish this comment!

And finally, the cutest and most amazingly proportioned animal is in the center of the lower bloom. He has a long body with only two legs, both clearly defined, and what resembles a propeller at the tail end of his body. He obviously uses the propeller for water travel and drags himself along on his two front legs on land. He has a cute face, with his forehead, nose, mouth and eye clearly defined, and he has long laid-back ears.

I count ten. What say you, readers of this blogger and viewers of her photographs? Do you see these ten, and can you find even more?

Nice shot, Cindy. Keep shooting, but watch out for the wildlife among the flowers.

Oops, I found one more. Check out the hooded Avatar standing upright in the center, carrying some sort of container and reaching up to the little guy peering out of its burrow, to perhaps to pet him or perhaps to have him for dinner. He would carry him home in the container he is carrying.

Unless I miscounted, that makes eleven creatures living among this group of blossoms. Who would have ever thunk it?

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