Goodbye, my beloved muse

28 10 2010

I will miss your terradactyl gurgle, your incessant appetite for chicken, your yearning to be outdoors rolling in the catnip and catmint, you sitting in my lap (rarely but so welcomed) and only when you initiated it, your endless expressions and patience every time I grabbed my camera to capture you, the way your eyes lit up when I called your name or rattled your furry rat toys or brought out the metal tape measure, the pitiful meow when you wanted ZenaB to play with you and she went into hiding, leading me into the kitchen whenever you had the munchies, peeping through the stair railings at me down below, sitting in the middle of my fabric when I wanted to sew, and jumping into the window whenever I moved the plants—as if I prepared it just for you (I confess I often did just that).

Nine years was just not enough—there could never be enough time with you, my beloved Jasper (a.k.a. Mr. Twitchy, Stripey Joe, Dapper Jasper, Jasperamadamadingdong, Handsome Smamsome, and Mama’s Boy). Go keep Homer, Jessie, Ben, Pogo Diablo, Lucky Fred Chewy Rattatouille, Dorrie, Nemo, and Calico Jo company on Rainbow Bridge where I’m sure there’s an endless supply of catnip and chicken. I will miss you fiercely.



6 responses

28 10 2010

I am so sorry Cindy. Beloved, bedazzled and kindred animal spirits are unconditional love. Love to you at this time of loss.

28 10 2010
Jamie Adams


I am so sorry. I know how difficult it is to lose a furry family member. What magnificent eyes he had.

28 10 2010

What a lovely collage you made, and how it resonates for this household, where another green-eyed tiger cat reigns. Nine years were not enough, but how full those nine years were! My sympathy for your loss.

28 10 2010
aleida oehlke

Made me sad when I saw these precious pictures. Beautiful.
God Bless you Cindy.

29 10 2010

I’m sorry for your loss Cindy.
An old friend once said:
If you are embarrassed to squeeze a tear for an old friend, then you are not worthy to have pets.
So many fine phoths in your mosaic.

30 10 2010

Cindy, my heart hurts with yours for our beloved Jasper. I can still hear his cry for more ham (or was it yours!) My favorite picture of him will always be the one of him on the stairwell peeking through the railings. What a sweet boy he was and what wonderful parents you and Michael were to him. Jasper had you both well trained. I know he and Pante are rolling in all the catnip their little hearts can desire in the hills of heaven and we will see them again one day. I love you, Sue

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