Travel Archives: Yeah, that looks safe.

25 11 2010

Picture this. Alaska. Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau. Circa 1990-something (as I recall). During a cruise with my friend Norma, we took this side trip excursion via helicopter. We were given groovy moon boots to wear, then turned loose on the glacier. I toted pounds of 35mm camera equipment and my brand new Sony videocam, which I’m using here. Back then, I apparently liked living (and shooting) on the edge (I know my dad will frown when he sees this shot—I sure am close to that precipice, aren’t I?). So this is why they made us sign that “withhold from harm” paper. Afterwards, I scooped water into my hands and drank straight from the glacier. Norma frowned and asked, “aren’t you worried you’ll get sick?” I figured if the water isn’t pure in Alaska on top of a glacier, we’re all doomed. And no, I didn’t get sick.



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25 11 2010

This shot required you to be dangerously close to that edge. I’m not sure I wouldn’t have tried a longer zoom so as to stay back a bit! Would love to see the shot you captured. Great job!

25 11 2010

Scott—I’m not sure if I had a longer lens back then (probably did)….was just getting started on building on to my stash of Nikon glass, as I recall. I don’t remember feeling unsafe, but then again, I get caught up in the moment anytime I have a camera in my hands! I’m going through my Alaska slides to see what kind of stuff I shot back then. If there’s something worthwhile to post, I’ll do so! Thanks for the comment.

25 11 2010
Mary Ellen Ryall

Wow! Two different extremes. Me in the Amazon and you in the Artic. Somehow we met. Love, ME

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