The Orphaned Images Project: Party of six

29 01 2011

The card this photo is mounted on reads “Hegemann, San Antonio, Tex.” With a little bit of research, I discovered there was a photographer named Otto Hegemann located on 104 1-2 E. Houston Street around 1914. Further research reveals an Otto H. Hegemann was born March 12, 1904 and passed away September 2, 1993 at the age of 89 in San Antonio. I found an Otto Hegemann, photographer, listed as a member of the Scientific Society of San Antonio. This photo is very likely to be his handiwork, although if Otto donated photography services to the Society in 1914, and he was born in 1904, he would have only been 10 at the time! It’s possible there’s an Otto Sr. and an Otto Jr.

Take a close look at the little girl on the left, sitting in her father’s lap. She has been photographed separately and (crudely) inserted into the photo, with a little bit of painting work done to blend her in. Can you imagine what Otto would say if he saw this done in Photoshop today?!



One response

31 01 2011
Barbara Kelley

Keen eye you have Cindy re. the little girl.

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