Gull at Goat Rock Beach, Bodega Bay

6 02 2011

Photographed at Goat Rock Beach by Bodega Bay (Sonoma Coast), California, where the Russian River meets the sea

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



3 responses

7 02 2011

He doesn’t even look real, he’s so perfect but I know he is. Beautiful.

10 02 2011

Nice shot, and Sue is right—that gull looks too real to be real.

Your gull is a beautifully buxom lady. She is a gull gull, you know, and in support of that I call your attention to Maurice Chevalier singing, “Thank heaven for little gulls, for little gulls get bigger every day.”

This little gull is precariously perched on a perpendicular point prior to partaking of various aquatic life, plankton perhaps, perambulating in the shallows below. She needs to build up those skinny legs to match that ample bosom.

I know, I know. Plankton do not literally perambulate, but they do move about but just not on foot. I took alliterative license there!

17 02 2011

i love it

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