Re-post: A riot of color

13 03 2011

Originally posted 3.11.2008. Photographs taken at the U.S. Botanic Garden during their annual Orchid exhibit

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.




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14 03 2011

The fact that you can photograph an orchid and make me think of a scene from Disney’s Fantasia leaves me in awe. My favorite images are those that are cropped so close that I have to think about what they are before recognition explodes over my consciousness. They are just so cool!

14 03 2011

Why thank you, ShinyMustard man. You look very familiar—do I know you?

14 03 2011

Nice comment, ShinyMustard man—very thoughtful, cogent and professionally presented—other than the fact that the word close in the third sentence is used as an adverb, intended to receive the action of the verb cropped, thus revealing just how the images were cropped, and therefore the thought would profit grammatically with the addition of ly after the last letter, as in closely. Of course, I didn’t even notice the error, but one or more of the blogger’s other viewers may take you to task.

“Before recognition explodes over my consciousness”—say whut???

Signed: DullMayoMan

14 03 2011

You appear to be getting a bit too chummy with ShinyMustard man, regardless of the fact that he posted a comment that I would have said had I given it more thought. You need to tone it down a a bit, I mean, like, you know, keep it businesslike, like, you know? You know?

17 03 2011

the photo in the 2nd row, far right – looks like a little girl in a dress playing on the flower!
is it thumbelina? 🙂 how lovely!

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