Costco box + window + cat = fun

16 03 2011

You must forgive the rather crudely cut out window in this Costco box—a square it is not. ZenaB was quickly losing patience with me altering her new playhouse, so I did the best I could in the time I had.

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



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17 03 2011

Had you said that this was a painting, a la Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup can, I would have believed you. With a bit of help from your camera you have achieved a 3-dimensional effect, especially with the pull-down shelf that protrudes from the frame—beautiful shot.

Warhol’s soup can painting sold in 2006 for $ll.7 million dollars. I suggest that you replicate this image in oil on canvas and put it up for auction, and you could consider forging Warhol’s signature. You could call it a long-lost painting, unknown until now, recently found in a sealed “You Store It” unit, and market it as the cat that disappeared but finally found its way back home.

17 03 2011

PeeEss: If you really want to enhance your “cat in the box” photo, paint a parakeet on the shelf and put the image on a note card—the boxes will fly off the shelves!

17 03 2011
Scott Thomas Photography

That is just too cute for words.

17 03 2011

I agree with His Highness…the parakeet would be hilarious.

18 03 2011

what a fun photo

25 03 2011

So funny and so perfect as graphic design.

25 03 2011

Fantastic! So fun! 🙂

25 03 2011

I think we must have one of these for the deer blind and one for the fishing shack too. Make BIIIIG graphics. Wall-size ones.

26 03 2011

What an amazing photo. Got here via a link from Gerry’s Blog …

7 05 2011
Kittenkauf Info

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