Craft Room: Crochet wire necklaces

20 04 2011

My family and friends (and perhaps some of you, my treasured readers) have noticed that when I learn a new skill, I go a wee bit crazy implementing it, expanding upon it and trying to perfect it. In a previous posting here, I showcased the first necklaces my sister Debbie and I made last month after taking a class in San Antonio. I have since made four more wire creations. Never content with just the basics, I’ve begun embellishing them with charms, such as in the four strand “Sea Goddess” (#1) and the triple strand “Falling Leaves” (#2). “Bluer than Blue” (#3) is a two strand version. The last triple strand version in this group (“Tropical Punch”) is a gift for my friend Gina’s mother. I think my next one will be garden-themed with floral embellishments and garden tool charms.

Taking orders soon! (Seriously. How else can I pay for these hobbies?)  😉

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3 responses

23 04 2011

These are beautiful – I especially like the third. Already having the photography skills makes showing off your other skills so much easier, doesn’t it?

I’m living in Wisconsin now and working in healthcare software. It’s a pretty big change, and I also travel a lot, which makes keeping up with photography tough. There are only so many things to do with the insides of airports and hotels, sadly (or maybe I’m just not that creative). I’ve started carrying one of my toy 35mm cameras with me, so we’ll see what happens with that. I’m hoping to keep some momentum going with the photography this time, but I guess we’ll see. How have you been?

25 04 2011

As beautiful as a flower God creates!

28 04 2011

Hi Anthony! Sorry to get back to you several days later. Wisconsin, eh? I was just there last June for the annual Hearing Loss Association of American convention. I was photographing the event as well as people for upcoming cover features. We were in Milwaukee. Where in Wisconsin are you located? I’m hoping to get out there this fall to visit a friend I met years ago when I bought milkweed seed from her for my garden. She lives in an area called Shell Lake (Minong, actually). Don’t know exactly where that is, but she said the closest airport is Minneapolis. She started a Monarch butterfly habitat a few years ago and I do design work for her as a pro bono thing. I haven’t met her in person, although we’ve worked together for several years now. I might aim for August if I can get away. Nice to reconnect with you!

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