Star of Persia (Allium christophe)

3 05 2011

I photographed this Star of Persia (Allium christophe) at Green Spring Gardens this afternoon. These plants grow 18-24 inches tall and sport a globe-shaped flower approximately 10 inches in diameter with clusters of amethyst-hued star-shaped blooms. The bulbs are hardy in zone 4 to 9 and after the blooms are spent, the ‘dead heads’ make a great architectural element in the garden. The bulbs are planted in the fall and bloom in late spring to early summer.

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3 responses

5 05 2011

You must like purple — it’s such a common color in your garden photos! I’ve never seen the Star of Persia before; thanks for sharing!

5 05 2011

Thanks, Jim. Regarding purple…it’s not my favorite color to WEAR, but I do tend to grow a lot of it in my garden for some unknown reason. Many of the photos I’ve shot lately do seem to be purple—I hadn’t made that connection until you mentioned it in your comment. I went plant shopping for the first time this season and tried to stay away from the purples because of the amount already present in my own garden. In fact, I think the only purple I bought was a Liatris plant (but I got it in white as well). Everything else that I bought was either white, red, pink or yellow (plus a morning glory vine in Heavenly Blue). There’s enough purple in my garden generally! I wouldn’t decorate my house with any shade of purple and I don’t ever wear that color, either—but in the garden, purple reigns supreme I suppose!

5 05 2011

It’s funny how we sometimes gravitate to things without necessarily realizing it! But it sounds like you do have good diversity of color in your garden.

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