Craft Room: More wire & bead necklaces

6 05 2011

Must. put. down. the. crochet. hook. now.

Four more bead and wire creations to share…fortunately, they don’t take long to make (1-1/2 to 2 hours, tops) and they make great gifts. I made the blue one and the pink ones as gifts for my mother-in-law, Sybil. The red and orange tribal concoction is for my friend Gina and the green one was a present for my friend Karen (this past Saturday was her birthday). I really enjoy making them, though, because I love playing with color and texture when planning each piece, plus I’m refining the process as I go along. My friend Paula and I took a day-long workshop at the Gem Cutters Guild of Baltimore last weekend and we learned how to make findings, clasps and a host of other silver wire projects (we made a ring, earrings and a bracelet). I’ll share those projects in a later posting.

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2 responses

12 05 2011
Beading Hobbies

Very nice post thanks for sharing. You have a great layout here. Beading is a hobby I truly enjoy. Craft shows are an added bonus.

1 06 2011

They are beautiful! It´s easy to see that you have had a good time, while making them. Beading,- is that the name for this? I will look it up, it could be fun to learn about how to do.
I had to go through your latest posts to find this one, and felt like writing “Wow” to each one. You are such an expert in finding the personality of a flower, and then take the most elegant photo of it.

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