Wild Iris Dietes grandiflora

27 05 2011

Also called Fairy Iris, Dietes grandiflora is a perennial evergreen plant in the Iridaceae family. Native to South Africa, it is drought and frost hardy.

According to www.plantzafrica.com: the name Dietes means “having two relatives” and refers to the relationship between this genus and Moraea and Iris. Grandiflora means “large flower.” This plant is occasionally called the “Fairy Iris” because the fragile white petals not only look like fairy wings, but also have a tendency to disappear mysteriously overnight!

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28 05 2011
The Lucky Mom

These grow WILD in South Louisiana. I recently dug up a garden FULL of these and sent them off to a new home! I opted to transplant my “black cherry” Irises from the back yard to that spot. Although mine didn’t look as magnificent as the one in your photo!!

28 05 2011

I would love to have seen a whole garden area full of these little beauties!

28 05 2011
The Lucky Mom

These are staples in our area. The kind of thing we dig up and share with neighbors because they are so abundant. They like our climate so much they’re often planted in parking lots and commercial gardens, because they thrive on neglect here! I’ve always thought of them as a “filler” in my garden because they’re so common! Funny how one gardener’s treasure is another gardener’s weed!

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