Lilytopia 2011

28 05 2011

From the Lilytopia signage:

About the Designer: This breathtaking exhibition of lilies was created by Dorien van den Berg, the famed and world-inspired designer from The Netherlands. Dorien was born in The Netherlands and at the age of fourteen was introduced to flower exhibition at the renowned Keukenhof, The Netherlands. She was inspired by these shows and focused her studies on horticulture. She traveled the world and learned different flower arranging styles in Brussels, Vienna, America, Japan and other countries. Years of experiencing different cultures and learning new flower arranging styles have made Dorien what she is and what she creates today. For Longwood Gardens, she carefully selected materials and lily cultivars that create a design that balances color, texture and form to transform the Conservatory into a true LilyTopia.

Lilytopia 2011 showcases over 11,000 cut lilies and 1,500 calla lilies. Learn more about Lilytopia behind-the-scenes in the following links:

Photo © Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



4 responses

30 05 2011
Steve Snedeker

That’s fairly breath-taking. Just as lush as one could ever even imagine. Imagine how many white shirts will be destroyed from stamens damage lol. 😉 I kid.

31 05 2011

Hey Steve…your comment about the white shirts being destroyed brings up a funny incident that happened to my friend, Dana. She was working a temp job in downtown D.C. and was taking the metro to and from work. Her husband would pick her up in the evenings. One Friday afternoon, she stopped at a flower stall and bought a bouquet of lilies and was sniffing them before she got on the train. Of course you know what happened—she had orange streaks on her face and didn’t know it. She was sitting next to an empty seat and when people would board on each stop, they would start to sit down, then glance at her and move on to another seat. She said this happened SEVERAL times and she started to wonder if she had body odor or something. She had the lilies tucked away, so no one could put two and two together. All this time, she had these orange blobs and streaks all over her cheeks and nose and didn’t know it. She got off at her final stop and when she walked up to her husband, he looked at her and asked, “what in the world happened to your face?!” She looked in the car mirror and busted out laughing, saying, “No wonder no one would sit next to me! They probably thought I had something contagious!”

31 05 2011
Steve Snedeker

Ha ha, Cindy. My Mother lost a great blouse, the story has it, to some absolutely stunning Easter lilies, lol. I’ve dealt with them in landscaping of course, as a look at my t shirts will testify. 😉

31 05 2011
flowers vienna

lilies are beautiful, and those looks so pretty i love the flowers

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