Interior Design Lesson #1: How to match one’s cat to one’s decor

29 05 2011

What cat? I don’t see any cat! Where is Matilda?

I think my friend Sue has done a most excellent job at feline + floor coordinating, don’t you? Move over, Nate Berkus!

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



4 responses

29 05 2011

My cat, Jagger, also matches my hardwood floor!! Love that I’m not the only one!

29 05 2011
Chloe [Photographer]

hehe that’s so cool, what a good looking cat

29 05 2011

Oh, Cindy, my design work looks nice in a photo! The good thing is her brother, Rudi, does a nice job of keeping the floors clean. He likes to ride around on a towel that I pull him on and when doing so it sweeps the dust up off the floors!

30 05 2011

Great photo, as my 6 year old son would say…the cat is camoflaged!

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