6 06 2011

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7 06 2011
Tom Robinson

Seldom do I take the time to comment on this blog — but not b/c what I see or read isn’t well-worth doing so. I’m continually amazed at the beauty and clarity of your photographic subjects, as well as the design projects you post-up. God has truly gifted you with a keen eye, mind and wit, but your gift of organization — for all you do — may be the most remarkable! Blessings.

8 06 2011

Wow…now THAT’S a comment, Tom, and I thank you so much for it. You just made my day! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

8 06 2011
Tobias Mann

Interesting shot. The transparency of the bug leaves it very surreal. I like it alot.

Tobias Mann

9 06 2011

This is a great shot! Very nice 🙂

9 06 2011

I agree with everything Tom Robinson said in his comment above, so in my continuing efforts to conserve paper and ink I’ll just echo his sentiments, with just one more immutable fact added.

I agree with Tom that “God has truly gifted you with a keen eye, etc.,” and will only add that God couldn’t have done it without your mother and me—we were actively involved in that gifting, except perhaps for the part about “your gift of organization.”

Muy bien hecho, mija!

10 06 2011

Thanks, King of Texas….yes, I give you and Mom TONS of credit for bringing me into the world (actually, you get all the credit for that part). And you two also get credit for nurturing my talent my entire life!

14 06 2011
Watching Seasons

Oh now this photo has a lot of character. Very interesting!

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